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We are a startup operating out of San Francisco, New York, and Washington, DC. We are passionate about media, technology, and the public dialogue. We are a team of dreamers, civic hackers, data junkies and doers that are changing the landscape of news articles through high quality, content-driven perspectives from issue-experts and thought-leaders.
We showcase voices that inspire.


We developed Featured Perspectives for organizations and digital firms of all sizes, for publishers like blogs and newspapers, and for engaged, everyday citizens.

Readers get to learn about and engage with new perspectives related to their interests. Publishers generate premium revenue from thoughtful, conversant content rather than clickbait. And contributors forge an powerful association between their cause and today’s current events.

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Our investors have made an invaluable commitment to our success with their generosity of time, networks, mentorship and insights, in addition to their capital. We are so proud and grateful to consider these funds as close members of our extended team:

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